Dog Parks in Houston

Dog Parks in Houston

Houston Dog Parks


Houston welcomes you and your dog to enjoy the vast park space in Bayou City. However, it would be best if you had your dog on a leash at all times. Our leash law is one tool that permits dogs and dog owners to visit a park without creating safety concerns, disturbing natural resources, or diminishing a park visit for those who are less comfortable around dogs.

Houston has some of the best dog parks in the nation, offering a variety of lush green spaces and ample room for your pup to play. In addition to providing entertainment and exercise, Houston’s dog parks also give pet owners a chance to socialize with other animal lovers in the area.

Ervan Chew Dog Park

4502 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006

Ervan Chew Dog Park is a popular gathering spot for dog owners and furry friends in Houston, Texas. Located in the heart of Midtown, this dog park provides a safe, clean environment for dogs to roam free and make new friends. With plenty of room to run around and an array of water fountains available for both people and pets alike, it’s no surprise that Ervan Chew Dog Park is a hit among locals.

The spacious five-acre complex features separate areas for large and small dogs, allowing them to socialize without putting anyone at risk. The park also offers amenities like benches, picnic tables, toys, agility equipment, waste disposal stations, and more – making it the perfect destination for pet parents looking to keep their pup entertained.

Since 1994, Ervan Chew has been the first neighborhood park in Houston to legally allow dogs to run free, off-leash, in a designated dog zone. The dog zone is located adjacent to the picnic area and swimming pool. It is a fenced-in space, approximately 9,000 square feet, and is designed to allow dogs to exercise freely. The Ervan Chew Park dog zone was the first step in providing an area for off-leash dogs.

Amenities include the double gated and fenced park, pick-up bags, water fountain, and benches around large trees. The park is a small pocket park within a small neighborhood with a nice playground—Dawn-dusk; no children under 12.

TC Jester Dog Park

4201 T C Jester Blvd, Houston, TX 77018

TC Jester Dog Park is a popular spot for dog owners in Houston, Texas. Located off of I-10 on TC Jester Boulevard, the park features over 3 acres of open space and plenty of room to run and play. With a fully shaded area, benches, doggy waste stations, and plenty of natural grassy areas, it’s the perfect spot to bring your pet for some outdoor fun.

The park has separate areas for small and large dogs to have a safe and enjoyable time without causing any stress or anxiety. There are also water fountains with bowls for pets to stay hydrated during their visit. In addition, the park provides an agility course where dogs can put their energy to good use by running through obstacles such as tunnels, hoops, and ramps.

Johnny Steele Dog Park

2929 Allen Pkwy, Houston, TX 77019

Johnny Steele Dog Park is a popular destination for dog owners in Port City. Located on the western side of town, this 12-acre park has been a favorite spot for locals and furry friends since it opened in 2012. With plenty of open space to run around and areas for picnicking, Johnny Steele Dog Park provides an ideal environment for both dogs and those who care about them.

The park features two separate areas: one for small dogs and another for larger breeds, allowing all sizes and energy levels to have a great time. There are also plenty of amenities to ensure all visits are enjoyable, including benches, water fountains, waste bags, shade trees, and special events like Yappy Hour on select summer evenings. Best of all, admission is free, so everyone can enjoy this unique outdoor experience without breaking the bank!

Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park

3201 Hwy 6 North, Houston, TX 77084

Located at the heart of Houston, this off-leash dog park is more than just a place for pet owners and their four-legged friends to enjoy a leisurely romp in the grass. It’s also an opportunity to honor one of Houston’s most influential public servants – Congressman Bill Archer.

The park is named after him for his many years of service to the city and its citizens. With several acres dedicated to canine fun, people and their furry companions will have plenty of room to enjoy quality time together outdoors. The park boasts plenty of amenities, such as shaded areas, benches, and water fountains, so pups can stay cool even on hot summer days.

West Webster Dog Park

1913 Gillette St, Houston, TX 77006

The Houston area is a paradise for pet owners! With its wide open spaces and lush green parks, there’s plenty of opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your furry friends. One such spot is West Webster Dog Park, an expansive park that offers plenty of adventure for hounds and handlers alike.

West Webster Dog Park features two large play areas – one for small dogs and another for larger breeds – both outfitted with agility equipment like hurdles, jumps, tunnels, weaving poles, and more. It also has a convenient double-gated entry system to help keep pets safe while they explore their surroundings. There are separate areas designated as “quiet zones” where you can take a break from all the canine fun without being disturbed by barking or rambunctious playmates.

Hermann Park Dog Run

6001 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030

Hermann Park Dog Run is a popular destination for dog owners in Houston, Texas. In the city’s heart, Hermann Park provides a safe and secure place for owners to let their dogs roam free. The big dog run has plenty of room for large breeds, complete with various obstacles like tunnels and jumps that will challenge even the most experienced pup. Shade trees line the perimeter, and benches allow owners to sit back and relax while their pets explore and play.

The park also includes conveniently placed water fountains to ensure both canine and human visitors stay hydrated during their visits. With so much open space, it’s easy to keep your distance from other people while strolling around the park with your pup – making it an ideal spot during these times of social distancing.

Maxey Bark Park

601 Maxey Road (Key Map 496C)

Maxey Park community park, with 12 to 13 acres of parkland as a place for dogs, features a fenced-in space for the dogs to exercise off-leash. Amenities include doggie drinking fountains, separate areas for large and small dogs, a doggie shower, a waste disposal station, and benches throughout the space.

Amenities include a large dog park with a human playground next door, triple gated and fenced; pick up bags; large and small dog areas; water fountains; doggie cool-off shower; large shade trees; benches; information kiosk; porta-potty; and a small parking lot. Open dawn to dusk.

Millie Bush Bark Park

16756 Westheimer Parkway (West Houston near Hwy 6 and Westheimer)

Millie Bush Bark Park is the perfect destination for dog owners in Houston, Texas. This expansive park is a go-to spot for canine companions and their two-legged friends. The park features various amenities to keep both people and pups happy.

Located in George Bush Park and named after former President Bush’s dog, Millie Bush Bark park is thirteen acres. It is double-gated and fenced and features pick-up bags, large and small dog areas (with large and small fire hydrants!), doggie swimming ponds, water fountains, doggie showers, shade areas, benches, scattered trees, a walking path, parking lot. Picnic benches outside the park. Restrooms close by, but not in the dog park. Open seven days a week, dawn to dusk.

Millie Bush Bark Park offers visitors plenty of room to run around with their dogs. There are several fenced areas – one just for small dogs and another designated explicitly as an “off-leash” area where pups can play freely without their leashes. In addition to these large spaces, there are also shaded areas where owners can take a break during hot summer days and benches to relax on while watching furry friends frolic in the grass.

The Officer Lucy Dog Park

4337 Lafayette Park near Beechnut and Newcastle

Officer Lucy Dog Park is double gated and fenced with amenities including pick-up bags, large dog and small dog areas, some shade in the large dog area, and water available. No children under 12 are allowed.

Lucy Dog Park is a small neighborhood park intended for residents of the area. It is not easily visible from the street, has no signs, and the parking lot and entrance are actually off Edith Street, one block south of Lafayette.

Danny Jackson Dog Park

Just inside the loop and just South of 59 – under the power lines, on Westpark Drive between Loop 610 and Loop Central

The Danny Jackson Dog Park in Houston, Texas, is a beloved community staple. Located in City Center, this park provides an expansive playground for dogs and their owners to enjoy. It’s the perfect place to let your pup off leash and watch them play with other furry friends.

The park has plenty of amenities, including a small lake where pooch lovers can take their dogs for a swim. There’s also a separate area for smaller dogs, so they don’t have to compete with larger breeds for space or attention! The grounds are kept clean and tidy by volunteers who make sure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. There’s plenty of seating and shade so patrons can relax while watching their pup run free and make new friends.

The Danny Jackson Dog Park features swimming ponds, separate large and small dog areas, shaded benches, a double gated entrance, poop pick-up bag stations, a walking path, fire hydrants, water drinking fountains, and trash cans. No children under 12 are allowed.

Final Word

The city of Houston offers a variety of dog parks to suit the needs of pet owners and their furry friends. From large, off-leash parks with plenty of amenities to small, enclosed areas for potty training, there is something for every pup and its owner. Dog park visitors should follow posted rules and respect other people and their canine companions by cleaning up after themselves and their pets.

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