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Fun Things to Ask Alexa

65 Fun and Educational Things Kids Can Ask Alexa


When we bought our first Alexa Dot (aff), a good few years ago now, I didn’t think anything more about it than it being an alternative to a Sonos system. Over the years we have bought the children a Dot for their own rooms, as well as an Echo Show (aff) for the kitchen. But it’s only been in the last few months that we’ve discovered how much fun we can have with Alexa as well as using it to play music.

fun things Kids Can Ask Alexa

Of course, we did know that you could use skills with it (‘Alexa, find my phone’ is often heard in the house), and the children learned how to use it to call Santa as well as find out far far FAR too many facts about dinosaurs. But it turns out that we only touch the tip of the iceberg! Since the lockdown started, we’ve had so much more time to really explore what having an Alexa in the house meant – and we have had SO much fun!

There’s something for every member of the family – although a firm favorite with pretty much every small member is ‘farting Alexa’ – hmmm, that never grows old! I’m sure you’ll have come across a few of these different things to ask Alexa – but I’m also sure you’ll have hours of fun trying out ones you never knew!

Science Things to Ask Alexa

”Alexa, open Nasa Mars”- Find out what the rovers are doing on Mars.

”Alexa play Geo Quiz”- Everyday 6 new questions are released. Test your geography knowledge.

”Alexa, launch this day in history” Why not check in daily to find out about a historical event that happened on this day?

”Tell me a history fact”- Fun historic facts.

English Things to Ask Alexa

”Alexa, start the spelling game”- Fun spelling bee.

”Alexa what’s my flash briefing”- Teaches a new word, the definition, and examples of how to use it in a sentence.

”Alexa, open Amazon Story Time”- More than 100 short stories available for children aged 6-12.

”Alexa, ask spelling assistant to spell (fill in blank) for me”- Ask Alexa for help spelling a word

Math Things to Ask Alexa

”Alexa ask Math Mania to play” – Choose from games such as everything, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions or money.

”Alexa, learn times tables” – Alexa will read out the multiplication times table every time you choose a number between 1 and 10.

”Alexa, open the Queen’ Mathematician”- Recommended for ages 6-8. Free the queen who is trapped until you unlock the charms by using your best mathematics.

”Alexa, Open One, Two Three” – With three levels available: easy, medium or hard. Challenge those maths skills.

Science Things to Ask Alexa

”Alexa, open weird Science” Alexa will tell you a series of random science facts. Each is unbelievable and equally as weird.

”Alexa, what’s my flash briefing’- have a science question and let Alexa know. Where is the moon? Or How do trees eat?

Fun with Alexa

”Alexa, open animal workout”- Become your favorite animal whilst getting your body doing some exercise moves.

”Alexa, start Chompers from Gimlet”– Struggling to get the kids to have a good brush of their teeth. Chompers will explain to kids the correct way to brush and keep them entertained with jokes and music.

”Alexa, play Jeopardy” –One for the slightly older ones. Based on the American quiz show, test our knowledge. In order to answer correctly remember to answer back in the form of a question!

”Alexa, start animal game.”- Want to put Alexa to the test? Choose an animal and make Alexa guess what animal you are thinking about.

”Alexa, Open the Magic Door”- Explore a magical land to collect hidden gems, help creatures, and solve a few riddles. This is an interactive game so you can tell Alexa what choices to make.

”Alexa, open daily dinosaur”- Have a dino mad child? Then ask Alexa and a dinosaur will be randomly selected from over 1000 species and provide a description.

”Alexa, ask Moshi Twilight to play a Sleep Story”- Bedtime stories with ambient sounds.

”Alexa, open curiosity”- Alexa will deliver interesting facts that will surprise you from thousands of subjects.

”Alexa, play the podcast (insert name)”- Listen to lots of child-friendly podcasts, tales or stories.

”Alexa, play Head’s Up!”- Based on the game from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Try and guess fictional characters, superstars, and more.

”Alexa, play Would You Rather for Family”- A family-friendly version of the popular game.

”Alexa, ask Pikachu to talk.”- Are you a Pokemon fan? If you are you will love this!

”Alexa, play Beat the Intro”- Can you guess the songs and artists?

”Alexa, open Lemonade Stand”- Run your own lemonade stand and take part in the adventure.

”Alexa, play Justice League Adventures”- Take an adventure with your favorite superhero.

”Alexa, open Sesame Street” – Want to chat with Elmo?? Now you can! Or maybe invite him to play hide and seek.

”Alexa, start SpongeBob Challenge” – test your memory by taking orders.

”Alexa, start No Way That’s True”- Nickelodeon presents a game that will test your knowledge of weird and wonderful facts.

Alexa, open Story Blanks”- Fill it in!

”Alexa, play Headspace Bedtime Story”- Guided meditation to send those lovelies off to dreamland.

”Alexa, open Good Vibes”- Feeling blue? Open good vibes to listen to inspirational quotes.

”Alexa, where’s Santa?”- Track Santa.

”Alexa, start Kids Court”- Can’t keep the peace? Then Take it to court.

”Alexa, ask Silly Things to tell me to do something silly.”- My favorite. This is hilarious.

”Alexa, moo like a cow.” Hear the sounds of tons of animals with this fun skill.

”Alexa, open Lego Duplo Stories”- Interactive stories, what will you be?

”Alexa, play Twenty Questions” This one is just as much fun for parents as it is for the kiddos. See how smart Alexa really is as she figures out what you’re thinking.

”Alexa, open Laugh Box.” Alexa’s Laugh Box will play all sorts of giggles.

”Alexa, start Zoo Walk”- Try and guess the animals.

”Alexa, Flatter Me”- Need a pick me up? Great for a tough day.

”Alexa, open Bedtime Story”- Ready for bed? Alexa will read a quick bedtime story.

”Alexa, ask Magic 8-Ball if [question].” See what Alexa says!

Fun Things to Ask Alexa

“Alexa, flip a coin”

“Alexa, do you want to build a snowman?”

“Alexa, I love you.”

“Alexa, call […].”

“Alexa, sing ‘Happy Birthday.’”

“Alexa, play [song required].”

“Alexa, start bedtime audiobook for 30 mins”

“Alexa, launch Guess the Number.”

Alexa, flip a coin.”

Alexa, fart”

“Alexa, who’s your daddy?”

“Alexa, tell me a story with a fairy tale ending”

“Alexa, ask Bored kids for a project”

“Alexa, hum something.”

“Alexa, sing me a song”

“Alexa, open the box of cats “

“Alexa, tell me a knock-knock joke.”

“Alexa, ask My Clock if it is time to wake up”

“Alexa, how far away is the Moon?”

Alexa has been a bit of a godsend for us. The children have spent hours chatting to her and when they ask me a question I’m not sure of I’ve been able to send them off to check whether Alexa knows the answer!

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