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Why should you consider working with Houston bloggers?


The first important reason why blog advertising is a good choice is that blogs are usually updated frequently and so visited by the search engines more often than static web pages, which means your advertisement and link will get noticed sooner.

Another big reason is that many blogs are highly read which means that your advertisement will be placed in front of a large audience. Even better, if you allow Hello Houston! Media to select the blogs you advertise on, then you will match your ad with the target readership of the blog, so the resulted traffic will be very targeted. Best of all, you could start getting that targeted traffic within minutes of your advertising hitting the web.

A third reason blog advertising is attractive to many internet marketers is that it is inexpensive and sometimes downright cheap. Of course, purchasing ad space on the high traffic and high ranked blogs will not be cheap — but it is often much cheaper than any alternative form of advertising.

Finally, blog advertising can provide all these benefits in the long term. Many blogs have been around for years and will continue to publish long after your initial advertising or marketing campaign has ended. Unlike television or radio ads, and even many internet advertising ads, some forms of blog advertising, especially blog post sponsorship, will stay on the blog permanently for the life of the blog. That longevity makes the cost of blog advertising even more cost effective.

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Our Services

The In Houston Guide began this year because I wanted to introduce local Houston business with the awesome Houston blogger population. It quickly grew into a nationwide affair, with bloggers spanning the US. We have bloggers available in every niche, ready to help get the word out about your business! If you are a local Houston business, don’t worry, the Houston blogger team is still going strong and ready to support small (and large!) businesses from right here at home!

Here are just a few of the services that In Houston Guide can offer your business:

Blogger Campaigns and Advertising

In Houston Guide services and availability are very flexible. Realizing your company and product needs will differ from the next client, our services listed below are outlined to provide a general scope of options. Each client shall receive a custom tailored action plan in order to develop the highest exposure to suit your needs.

  • Reviews & Giveaways: Product and service reviews and/or giveaways are an excellent method for fast, effective, and positive exposure throughout the Internet. Become the talk of the social networks within just a few days when your product/service is reviewed by the In Houston Guide team of experienced bloggers.
  • Ad Sales: Are you interested in advertising on blogs, but find yourself unsure as to which blog will provide the best results? We can match your needs with bloggers that meet your budget and target audience. In Houston helps pair up clients and bloggers in order to secure advertising space that will affordably maximize your Internet exposure.
  • Mom Ambassador Programs: Developing a team of ambassador bloggers is an excellent tool we love here at In Houston Guide. We will create a network of charismatic, committed, involved, and confident moms who are enthusiastic about blogging and sharing their own experiences through their blogs. Mom Ambassadors lead groups of   parents through discussion meetings, and act as ambassadors to present topics, products, and services that they believe to be valuable in order to reach your target market and spark interest.

Social Media Account Management

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are a great way to keep in touch with your readers on a daily basis. While your customers may not check your website everyday for new content or announcements, you can bet they will log into Facebook or Twitter to see what’s happening in their world. Running a business takes a lot of time and for a lot of business owners, Facebook and Twitter are the marketing tools that get left out at the end of a busy day.

Let us help manage your social media accounts on a daily basis! We can help you gain real, interested and active followers and respond to your readers quickly when they interact with you! We have proven methods for getting you new followers and getting those followers engaged with your brand!

Please contact us for rates and for more information.

Welcome to the Houston, Texas

Houston was founded on August 30, 1836, by brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen on land near the banks of Buffalo Bayou. The city was incorporated on June 5, 1837, and named after then-President of the Republic of Texas—former General Sam Houston—who had commanded at the Battle of San Jacinto, which took place 25 miles (40 km) east of where the city was established. The burgeoning port and railroad industry, combined with oil discovery in 1901, has induced continual surges in the city’s population.

In the mid-twentieth century, Houston became the home of the Texas Medical Center—the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions—and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where the Mission Control Center is located.

Houston is the largest city in the United States without formal zoning regulations, it has developed similarly to other Sun Belt cities because the city’s land use regulations and legal covenants have played a similar role. Regulations include mandatory lot size for single-family houses and requirements that parking be available to tenants and customers. Such restrictions have had mixed results.

Though some have blamed the city’s low density, urban sprawl, and lack of pedestrian-friendliness on these policies, the city’s land use has also been credited with having significant affordable housing, sparing Houston the worst effects of the 2008 real estate crisis.